Design Philosophy



We believe there are three ways we assist our clients in realising their aspirations of furniture pieces that inspire. In each instance, the same care, pride and meticulous attention to detail goes into their creation.

1. Pre-defined collections

We have created a huge amount of resources for each of our ranges, allowing our client and/or specifiers to select their ideal configuration and order directly from one of our many specification price guides. Simple and efficient.

2. A tailored solution

The most common approach customers take is to engage with the _AD MAIORA team and we will help you to create unique solution perfectly tailored to suit you individual/team requirements. Utilising our per-defined collections as a starting point, we offer the ability to cross pollinate products, alter dimensions, add additional features – allowing our clients to employ their preferred finishes and materials to create a solution without compromise.

3. Bespoke

Our reputation for being able to offer a bespoke service is well known. With a design and engineering resource and dynamic team of highly skilled craftspeople, we have the ability to engage with any client looking to commission a truly one off piece or collection of furniture. Working closely with architects and designers, we pride ourselves in offering a consultative service to optimise and engineer any concept, turning the most creative visions into beautiful reality.

For further advice on how the _AD MAIORA team can assist you, please contact a member of the team who will be more than happy to help:


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